< Industrial Automation software development />
< Process control, SCADA, data management />

Key fields:

SCADA Ignition;

Ignition by Inductive automation is a great framework to build solid SCADA solutions. Depending on the customer needs, I range from traditional SCADA developments to more sophisticated architectures, leveraging my Java knowledge in custom modules development.

SCADA Citect;

Citect SCADA by Schneider Electric was my first engagement in SCADA application development: an evergreen with great features, yet a little behind Ignition as of my personal taste.

DBMS MS SQL Server, MySql, Sqlite;

Data management is a need of any modern industrial software solution. When the customer needs to deal with data MS SQL Server or MySql are my databases of choice.MS Reporting Services is a great tool, when the software solution needs to let data tell the full story.
Last but not least Sqlite is my powerful companion when I need a local database for a desktop software solution.

Languages .NET, Java, Python, Javascript;

When a SCADA framework does not fulfill the customer needs, my knowledge of the most popular programming languages will integrate the solution to reach the customer goals.

Mobile Android;

Why not bringing your everyday smartphone or tablet experience to the factory floor? Ignition has already a great module for mobile devices based SCADA, but if the customer's needs go beyond that, Adroid Studio will come in to unveil the full power of the costomer device with an adhoc app.
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